josuecruzart asked:

Hey, what's your process for making your pages (rough drafts, storyboarding, ect.) and how long does it usually take to finish page (lines,colors, lettering)? Thanks, keep up the good stuff!

Hello and thanks for writing!
I’m working with Manga Studio which has some terrific line and composition tools. I usually set up a layer for drafting a rough composition before arranging the panels. MS treats each panel like an independent group and all the line content is contained within it. When that’s all set up and I’m working focused and efficiently (not always a guarantee!) it generally takes me four or five hours to produce the lines for a full page, depending on complexity. Add another hour or two to something like a complicated establishing shot, or anything with a lot of fine detail.
When working on Banished lines I am often given a rough page layout by Ryan (the writer) which shaves time off the process. I don’t color these pages however, so I havent got an estimation for that.
Thanks for your support!